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Everyone has spiritual guides and angels who are waiting to help them fulfill their true purpose and live meaningful lives. Some of us pick up on hearing those guides a bit faster than others, but the angels have love and guidance to offer all who need it. With a combination of my clairvoyant abilities and guidance the angels provide through the cards, I'll get to the bottom of the emotional issues surrounding any relationship questions you have to ask. Are you ready for the truth? Because angels don't lie. While their guidance isn't always easy to hear, it is always rewarding and guaranteed to put you on your best path in life. Whether you're looking for the signs to begin a new relationship or end one that no longer serves you, I'll put you in touch with the angelic guides who can make your path clear. I perform personalized psychic readings for each client using the following: Tarot Oracle Card Reading Clairvoyance Angelic Messages Spirit Guide Communication My areas of specialty include: Love and Relationships Career Advice Prosperity Readings Dream Interpretation Angelic Guidance Connecting with Spirit Guides


My first experience with the spiritual world came at the age of four, when I was visiting my grandfather in the hospital. He suffered from terminal lung cancer, and I remember feeling so confused and bombarded, both by my own sadness and impending loss and what I would later realize were my empathic abilities, opening me up to the pain and emotions of those around me. In my time of need, a man with glowing golden hair and the kindest face appeared to me, calling himself "Dr. Sky." I remember his words of reassurance and foretelling, that this would be a difficult time and I would feel overwhelmed, but no matter how it seemed, I was not alone. He then warned me to go get help from the nurse's station, a command I didn't understand since my grandfather was sleeping peacefully. I followed his instructions anyway, and when I returned, Dr. Sky was gone and my grandfather was experiencing a medical emergency called a “code blue.” Certainly beyond the ability of a small child to predict! Because of “Dr. Sky’s” guidance, the hospital staff was able to treat my grandfather and he continued to live long enough to settle his affairs and make his peace with the family who had gathered around him. I never forgot that moment, and years later, I would come to realize that the man who appeared to me was none other than Archangel Michael. Ever since, he’s been with me as a loving protector and guide, and has introduced me to the other angels for whom I have the honor of acting as a conduit, to pass on their messages of love and healing. The angels quite literally transformed my life and helped my broken spirit find the healing it so desperately needed. My highest calling is to repay their loving kindness by introducing others to the wonderful, affirming, life-changing messages they have to offer. For the last six years, I have trained and worked as a tarot and oracle card reader as well as a psychic intuitive, using my empathic, clairvoyant and clairsentient abilities to help transfer angelic guidance to those in need.

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