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I'm a psychic-medium who accesses truths and conveys messages from the other side. I work with occult forces as a practitioner of the left-hand path. I also work with the spirits of nature and the dead. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, an empath, and a tarot card reader. My path in the occult began years ago when I apprenticed with a famous voodoo mystic, Dr. Deprince, whose psychic skills changed my life, and which set me on a path into the world of communicating with the spirits of the dead. Now I'm a Palero Priest and a Santeria priest too. This means I work with dark and light sides of energy. I have had many pre-cognitive dreams since as a child, and am visited in daily life by spirits of the dead. No medical or legal or lotto advise you must be 18 to chat. I have two masters degrees, both in Clinical and Archetypal Psychology, and am a doctoral candidate in Renaissance alchemy and depth psychology. I love the Renaissance era because magic and the occult were celebrated and infused into every aspect of life. I have a caring yet insightful approach in my readings. I do NOT like to waste time, b.s. others, or have others waste my time. My gifts are real and I feel confident you will know this both during and after our reading. Know that you are receiving highly accurate info in our readings. Don't be fooled by other readers who claim what they cannot deliver: the proof is always in the pudding, as they say. I assist with career goals, love, spirituality, dream analysis, and accessing spirits of the dead in a way that makes life fun, fascinating, and healthy. It takes courage, authenticity, truth, and vitality to follow our dreams, and having the spirits of the dead on our side can't hurt either. My readings help cultivate what you want in life.


I have read before for friends, family, and in my private practice. People from all ages, belief structures, socioeconomic status seek my advise, no-non sense, common sense approach to spirituality, health, happiness and many other areas of life that matter. I'm a Palo Mayombe and Santeria Senior High Priest with a godfather. Yet, I keep it real, am down to earth, and realize that life is a school where we're meant to grow, change, and ascend. I stand out because I value soul and spirit, and work on my well-being 24/7, so my empathic and clairaudient approach works well with people. Soul means that I value the mysterious and liminal areas of life or, what some people call "3rd eye" subtle awarenesses. Soul also refers to cultivating fantasy, relationships, and focusing on our life's attitudes, suffering, and vulnerability. I am very attentive and a great giver of feedback, while being caring and nonjudgemental (a rare quality among psychics these days). We're holistic beings, composed of mind, body, spirit, and soul. I incorporate this knowledge and a compassionate approach in my work.

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Jul 13, 2019
didnt conect 2 my situation
Jun 5, 2019
Very quick and kind reader! Thank-you for the reading! :)
Mar 12, 2019
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