Medium Julie


You have a Question a thought you have been directed towards me. Your Angel's know you need guidance. Iam blunt and honest. I can read for you without using Tools. I am a natural mind reader tuning into your energy. I am a experience psychic reader for many years. Expert at Healing broken hearts. Just tell me your name iam Highly Sensitive. Inner peace, clarity & grounding. Allow me to spend time with you and feel Lighter. You can discuss matters of Love Soul Mate Present and Future, Broke up, Marriage Divorce, Intimacy & Sex. You need Healing Spiritually I can Coach you. Any Loved ones Passed on I will Try to connect with. My Angel's send me messages Visions. I use Angel Cards.  til we Speak Jordan


Have 15 years experience giving Professional Readings In Coaching helping people with doubt guiding for anything that is troubling them. As a Telephone Reader My clients feel more relaxed and get clarity. You tell me your name and we proceed.. I am a 100% accurate i don't cut corners. My experiences have given My clients Peace  they Always come back to me. I am gentle with My communication. I work at a appropriate speed to allow My clients comfort not fear. If you feel tension i will ease you. As a Medium i can connect to a Loved one for you & pass on what message I receive. 

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Parents and Children Spiritual Reading Psychic Reading Mind Reading Cheating and Affairs Love and Sex Psychic Mediums Relationship Advice Angel Readings Paranormal Phenomena Soulmates Dating Advice Breakup and Divorce Family Advice Karma and Past Life




profile is impressive but she asks questions that you already answered plus says answer when I ask...we pay money not to answer same questions again n again...too slow in answering
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