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I offer natal chart readings in which you supply me with your birth information such as your birth date, location, year, and time. I then view your birth chart and explain your placements along with confirmation about many actions, interests, and circumstances. Usually it automatically resonates since it is your personal birth chart. I also offer tarot readings with tarot cards in which you inquire about a specific life category that you want insight on. I can pull any amount of cards to help you understand what needs to happen or what can be happening already. Tarot cards are a good way to gain insight and guidance about situations in your life. I also use these tarot cards to do horoscopes for each zodiac sign. I can and will help you come to a realization and/or conclusion about any circumstance in your life. Need advice about people in your life? Whether it is love or friendship, I can provide authentic and compassionate advice combined with intellect and honesty. There is nothing better than receiving warm, true, and clear advice so that you can understand how you can improve your relationships and dealings with others.


I have many hours of experience helping people all over the world gain insight to situations and people in their life. Tarot cards are a very simple tool that proves to hit home every time. They may be a physical object, but they are pretty accurate each time. I enjoy providing my service reading tarot cards for people who need the assistance. I provide quality service that is not rushed. I make sure my cellphone is turned down while providing you the service you deserve. I am excited to be available as another amazing source for your unique needs. Thank you.

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