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Scottish Spratty
Scottish Spratty
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Scottish Spratty


From a very early age, I was following in my family's footsteps. Talking to the spirit world and telling people about things that haven't happened was all very natural and normal to me. I class myself as lucky because I was born with the gift and my family helped to bring it forward. I always remember talking to the old man who played the pipes on my grandmother's stairs. I used to invite my friends around and let them meet him but they Couldn't see him.

I have been lucky enough to be guided by family and my amazing spirit guide who walks with me every day. I'm not one for using tools such as cards as I prefer connecting quickly hands-free. I do have some very strange tools that are asked I will use such as bird bones, paint and of course the traditional tarot, crystals ball, and more.

I'm now very lucky that I have a big following and can tour the UK doing what I do best in front of a large audience  


From the moment I was able to walk and talk I have been connected to my spirit guides my grandparents would help and give me encouragement, showing me the old ways such as tea leaf readings, crystal ball, tarot, bone readings, and much more. At the age of 16, I was asked to give readings from a platform at my local spiritual church. From that day I got lots of calls for other bookings. At the age of 23, I started working on live TV giving readings and I started touring the UK selling out theatres and other large venues. At 30 years old I reduced my workload and stopped doing as much TV so I could give more private sittings and more shows o also started holding paranormal events and seances that people can attend with me. Now at the age 37, I'm still touring, still doing live shows and occasionally I appear as a guest on TV, radio, and in magazines.  

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Nov 30, 2018
Waste of money very disappointing
Mar 28, 2018
wonderful, accurate, honest, straightforward and right to the point:))
Jul 28, 2016
so nice & full of information that was worthwhile
Jul 28, 2016
fast and very helpful
Feb 15, 2016
Great reading.
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