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Jill Cleveland


Intuitive accurate clairvoyant, medium and spiritual counsellor that uses Tarot Cards and spirit in all readings expertise in love, relationships, career, and other life issues. I am able to tap into your energy via your date of birth or voice and am clairsentient (feeling)and clairaudient (hearing spirit). I am able to give you guidance and advice as well as show future events that will unfold in your life in an empathetic and caring manner.


I have been reading professionally for over 15 years I use Tarot as a tool in my readings however spirit comes to me as well and I can pass on messages from loved ones that have passed over, I also use a Pendulum for yes and no answers to specific questions. I now read ONLINE and via other online facilities as well as reading privately in face to face appointments and am able to tap into your energy via a date of birth or on the phone by hearing a clients voice. Numerology and astrology especially Celtic Astrology I love to use in readings, I have many years of experience that I am happy to share in paranormal and unexplained events and can offer you guidance and advice. I have read for clients that have loved ones that were missing or victims of crimes and have passed on information to relevant police forces in some instances. I have worked in the helping fields as a counsellor for many years so am very empathetic and caring with a great listening ear.


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