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Want real help? Chat with me now. My cards will lead you . Want to know what is your birth card and life path associated? CHAT with me NOW and ask for yours. Just need your date of birth . Tarot Reader and Psychic Reader - more than 23 years of experience Services and types of Readings I have to offer you Tarot Readings (Rider-Waite and Lenormand Cards) Lenormand Oracle – Grand Tableau Past Life Readings Discover your Gift Reading/ Life Mission analyze Dream Interpretation Numerology Reading Medium Readings with photos Messages from loves deceased Mediunic readings Messages from the Angels Crystal Ball Readings Pendulum Readings Yes/ No and time questions Fairy Readings 3 Question Reading Love Readings Karmic Reading Guardian Angel Reading Find your soulmate Reading Mermaids Reading Alien Reading Gothic Reading Pet Readings Runes Objects Readings to see the energy or find lost objects Heartbreak psychic Reading Career Reading Birthday special Reading Are you a Psychic reading? Spaces Reading with photos and address of the place Money readings Mentorship Readings Business Readings Family relationship Readings Wheel of life Reading I combine several oracles and instruments in one Reading. I came from a family that has always been attached to the occult and for many years I have helped hundreds of people. I use in my readings several decks of cards and tools to help me in order to give you all the information you need. I use the pendulum if it is necessary as a complement to identify issues that affect the natural development of life. My service line is based on the law of free will, honesty and absolute secrecy. The cards and oracles can show the best path but it is you who need to give the steps in your life. Make your way clearer and remove the blocks and obstacles of your life. You have a friend here. Accept everything you cannot change and change everything you can. Gratitude and Love to you all


I began my esoteric activity early, I started reading playing cards with my grandfather at the age of 5. My intuition combined with my clairvoyance and the enormous attraction to oracles sends me to a spiritual path. I develop special and different study methods as a complementary work to my Tarot Readings in order to help those in need. I started my work with the Tarot first doing readings for my family and friends by intuition and high psychic sensitivity with 15 years. Meanwhile, I took a degree in translation that attracted me more to the Tarot, translating and interpreting the symbolism of the cards. I studied hundreds of books about Tarot, oracles and the esoteric world in many different languages, I analyzed all the theories since its creation and evolution. I took several courses in order to complement my personal study. I’m an active member of several Tarot Associations and work online doing paying readings since 2000. I have helped over 10.000 people and I will continue to help because that's how I feel complete, aligned with my soul purpose and happiness.

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Rita - I did not mean to offend you and I tried to explain the misunderstanding. I too feel offended that I just spend $25 for you to argue with me and not answer the question. however, I've always enjoyed reading with you so I hope we can let bigones be bigones and realize that sometimes it's hard to communicate via text.
sorry ran out of minutes
Seriously Friends Rita is SPOT ON!!! I have vetted her many times ♥️♥️♥️
sorry ran out of minutes
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