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My service is based on being able to solve situations of couple, love, personal or work. Through the Tarot cards, the knowledge of the Kabbalah, astrology and numerology can guide and remove the doubts of the question to ask. I was instructed in family constellations to be able to deal with the problems that one brings, where they come from, if they are hereditary family tree problems. Through family constellations I can also see what roles you fulfilled in your past lives and how you developed. See the problems that are currently manifested and how to improve them. Through the Kabbalah you can see the energetic blocks of the person so that each problem can be dealt with in a spiritual way. By reading candles and erasing tea, I can see and help with rituals to improve the channeling of energy. Improve the quality of life of the person. With Astrology, I can analyze the consultant's situation, tell him what his month will be like, how his week will be or what his year will be like. Explain the different stages that will happen so you can take each event in the best possible way. The Marseilles letters added with numerology, help to know the purpose of the consultant in life and how he has to face it. With the reading of karma, I will be able to guide the client regarding his karma, how to guide him so that he can pay for it and can pay off his astral debt. Know how your karma manifests and how you have to face to improve it. Through rituals and meditations, I can guide the client to a better quality of life for himself as well as for his environment


I have been working online guiding groups of people and in a particular way. I have studied Ontological Couching in order to have the necessary tools to discover the potential of each one. I work in my country as a consultant for people who need advice for various problems (problems of couple, at work, family, personal and self-confidence) and use each of the tools I own. I have given online talks about how to deal with family losses, from material to spiritual. How to deal with the loss of a couple or how to deal with the work situation. I have my website where I also work in a personalized way and I do online advice. I am a teacher so I also advise parents with problems with their children of school age, how to improve education and how to deal with behavior problems. Through the techniques of Hoponopono, the boy is healed so that he has a better development in the family.


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