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Jessica Lee


I'm a natural born psychic-empath-intuitive-healer and so much more! With 8+ years of professional experience working for both local and online clients all over the world you can count on an extensive reading full of details and great clarity on many life issue's. I'm a fast typist *70 wpm, and able to connect and give those great details with clarity WITHOUT you telling me anything about yourself or your situation. Simply ask me a question:

Will we get back together? How do others see me? Should I leave this job

These are examples of the specific yet vague questions you can ask me to get a book of knowledge that actually makes sense in return.
Are you ready for the truth?


I've been reading for people all over the world since 2006, first starting out just doing readings for fun and to see what people would say about my readings (AKA for free) on a few popular MySpace psychic groups. After doing a thousand or so free readings and gaining a reputation for being "Dead on" and "Hitting the nail on the head." I had more requests then I could keep up with and was urged by friends and fans to start a business of it. I took their advice and in 2007 I rented an office and offered Readings, Reiki and Chakra Balancing services and was pretty successful but decided to work from home instead and raise my children over letting daycares do that and began working on various psychic websites such as this one as well as creating my own site. Since then I've read for well over 5,000 clients and have close to 1,500 reviews on various websites.I've been blessed with a strong following, lots of regulars and good friends!I'm currently working full time as a self-employed Psychic Healer and Life Coach, raising my three sons and helping people wherever and whenever I can.

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