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Psychic Whymsy Menaage
Psychic Whymsy Menaage
Spiritual Reading
Psychic Whymsy Menaage


Hey there friends. My name is Psychic Whymsy Menaage. I'm an intuitive healer & grounding coach. I provide trusted & supportive guidance by connecting to your Angels through oracle divination. Are you feeling stuck or overwhelmed? Let the Angels and myself assist with everyday life Issues. I use my abilities as an Empath to pick up on what is bothering you and relate high energy healing to transmute negative energy. All of this is done within a session by connecting with your Angels and asking for true insight into what issue you are currently experiencing. I can ask your Angels the burning questions you have that you need answered. Using my intuitive abilities, I will decipher and clearly transmit these messages that your Angels have provided to you through oracle divination tools. My Angel sessions will provide clear guidance from the Angels and give you the ability to make decisions using the knowledge gained.


Born an intuitive empath with natural clairvoyant, and healing capabilities. I use these gifts to connect with your Archangels, Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and other various spiritual beings by meditating and connecting my energy to theirs. Using my abilities as an empath, I pick up on your emotions and feel them as if they were my own. I have extreme sensitivities to energies and auras. This allows me to fully align my focus & tune in to the most important message my client's Angel is trying to convey. My clairvoyance allows me to see images of events in client’s lives that show up to me like a book in my mind while connecting with my oracle divination tools. I specialize in delivering guidance direct from your Angels and decoding the messages for you through oracle divination tools. I provide these direct messages to you from the energy I feel and the messages I receive clairvoyantly. I have used my psychic capabilities to provide countless clients around the globe with trusted & supportive guidance. I incorporate my metaphysical gifts & my spiritual coach training to provide comforting, yet firm guidance. Allowing to help you fully move forward and start living in the present, not the past. My guidance is not given in a certain timeline. Your energy and daily decisions can change the outcome of when it will happen. I simply provide enough information & the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

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thank you whymsy! ❤
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Thanks Whymsy!❤️
Jul 7, 2019
Thanks a lot.. pls grant few minutes if possible
Jul 7, 2019
Apr 15, 2019
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