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Alice Winters
Alice Winters
Psychic Reading
Alice Winters


I am an intuitive empathic clairvoyant. Since my early teens, I have had experiences with the other side. Having deceased loved one connection in dreams. They have sent me prophetic messages about my life, and family members in dreams. As I got older I started experiencing to pick up energy from others and places as well. This had led me to do readings for others. I have also been performing readings for over the last 15 years. My purpose as a psychic medium is to use my abilities to help others receive messages in a loving way that helps them to have clarity, hope, and healing. My abilities are primarily clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. Also mediumship, angel communication, and life counseling. My other specialty is also helping others to raise their spiritual awareness. I am a teacher and healer as well. The messages I receive are from my spirit guides and angels. Looking forward to connecting with you!


Reading cartomancy cards, Oracle cards, and channeling with spirit for 15 years. I have primarily been reading for family and friends. Recently I have been doing readings for others professionally receiving a 5-star rating. My readings are very positive and uplifting leading you on the right path. I make sure that all my clients receive the answers they seek in an honest loving way. I am also known to spiritually enlighten others guiding them on their spiritual journey. My healing and teaching abilities have helped others in their lives leading them to a happy and successful life. I also have experience in spiritual mentorship for others. I have taught others how to tap into their abilities, and raise their vibration. Teaching meditation, breathing exercises, and how to properly meditate is another service I offer as well. My readings help in every area of life whether it is relationships, career, financial or spiritual.

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