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Jennifer Raven
Jennifer Raven
Relationship Problems
Jennifer Raven


What does the future hold for you – a true love, a fresh start, or perhaps a new and exciting life path? Let’s chat! I am a clairsentient and clairaudient psychic empath that uses the Tarot and Oracles to answer your deepest questions. It’s in my DNA – my grandmother was a powerful psychic. Let my connection to the angels and Spirit guide you in matters of the heart, money, career and relationships. As Spirit’s messenger, I offer honest, non-judgmental advice to empower people to live their best lives. The connection with my spirit guides and the angels only deepens as the years go by. I consider it to be an honor and privilege to continue my ongoing conversation with Spirit to bring people the answers they seek. I can help you: 1. Recognize synchronicities (patterns that appear to be related but have no obvious connection) in your life. 2. Connect the conscious with the subconscious (your soul, higher self, etc.). 3. Gain clarity and understanding about your life as it stands at the time of the reading. 4. See all perspectives of an issue. 5. Make informed decisions. 6. Listen to and value your higher self – no one knows you better than YOU!


I am a compassionate third-generation psychic. I use the Tarot as well as Oracle decks to provide honest, nonjudgmental guidance from Spirit to people about the things that matter: love, career, past lives, life/ soul purpose – essentially, all matters of the heart. You already know the answers; I simply use my gifts to bring them into the light of day. I have spent my life talking with Spirit and the angels, but it wasn’t until I nearly died two years ago that I fully awakened. I checked in to the hospital for what should have been a routine surgery. Six months and three surgeries later, my weakness in body and spirit quieted me enough to listen more carefully to that “small, still voice.” The messages grew stronger and clearer as I recovered. The flashes of words, pictures and sounds I received since childhood became complete conversations filled with knowledge. Tarot and Oracle cards are two of the tools Spirit gave me to help people find the answers they seek. I can’t wait to talk to you. Get I touch with me today!

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