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Blessings, Love and Light!!! I am offering Angel, Tarot and Oracle readings as well as Spiritual Energy Readings through Divinely Guided and Intuitive insight. I receive numbers, images and messages from our Archangels, Angels, Guides Love ones!! My energy speaks for itself!! If you are looking for healing, guidance and inspiration, please feel free to contact me.


I am a Certified Angel Practitioner, Certified Medium/Psychic/Clairvoyant and a trusted Spiritual Healing Advisor. I am a Lightworker, Empath and Indigo adult. My life's work has been with animals, children, the handicapped, disabled and elderly. I have had knowledge of my abilities since childhood.  I experienced the spirit world much like we experience life here. Through dreams and premonitions, I was able to save my own life and helped the lives of those around me. I have helped many people along the way and now it is my mission to help as many as possible!! What better way to reach out and touch the lives of many than spiritual connections! So if you are out there thinking all is lost, that there is no hope, that no one understands, I want you to know others do get it!! You are not alone!! And we are waiting to connect with you!! 


im sorry, but this reading was so vague. she tried and i do appreciate her efforts, but I was simply not impressed. Its possible she needs more experience in this field
Thanks so much xx ran out of credit
accurate, straightforward and right to the point, wonderful:))
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