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♥️♥️♥️Love is in the air!!♥️♥️♥️ Thank you for stopping to read my profile!! A new year brings new beginnings, a new change to shift our energy to suit and manifest our hearts desires!! I am a Medium, and I work with all of my abilities to deepen your your experience with compassion, kindness and a caring touch. I am very understanding and non judgmental. I will not sugar coat but I will tell you the truth according to how I am being shown. I am very connected to Divine Spirit, helping you feel the love and support of the universe behind you!! It’s time to empower you, help you align with what is in your highest good!! I work with Spirit, Angels and my guides to bring you the answers you need to life’s most important questions. My specialties include healing, lgbtq, life path, love and all relationships, career and personal growth in all areas. I have always had passions for art, nature, music and the welfare of our earth and people. My extensive work with people and their life paths/spiritual path in life has enabled me to be very open to most any challenge you may be facing. Together we can find the messages and answers you need right now!!


♥️♥️♥️ I am a very gifted Medium/Psychic/Clairvoyant/Empath. My life's work has been with animals, and helping others. I specialize in relationships, LGBTQ, Soulmate/Twin flame, Sex and Intimacy, Relationship problems, feelings of uneasy/stressed out/sad, addiction, making decisions and trust issues. I have always been able to successfully guide others of all ages even from childhood as I have had knowledge of my abilities since very small. I experience the spirit world much like we experience life here. Through dreams and premonitions, I was able to save my own life and help guide the lives of those around me. I have helped many people along the way and now it is my mission to help as many as possible!! I can help with areas such as love of all kinds, career, and life’s toughest choices!! So if you are out there thinking all is lost, that there is no hope, that no one understands, that there isn’t anyone you trust enough to tell, I want you to know others do get it!! You are not alone!! And I am waiting to connect with you!! 

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thank you Soo much kind and insightful angel!!
Yes you are right i really want a new position and I’m turning 30 this year
out of funds :( but thank you
I felt that nothing relayed sounded in tune or connected. The predictions didn’t make much of any sense to me.
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