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I am happy to offer several services, including angel card readings, dream analysis, spiritual coaching and empathic guidance. Do you feel you do not quite know which way to turn in life, or what the future may hold for you with regards to your relationship, work, career or anything else for that matter? Should this be the case, then I would be more than happy to seek advice from my angel cards to not only reveal what lies ahead but the best course of action to take in your particular set of circumstances! Therefore, you should find that my reading is not only insightful but guiding too! Sincerely, after having an angel card reading with myself, you should not only have a sense of knowing what your future holds but feel more empowered by doing so! Do you have a recurring dream that is bothering you to some extent in that you do not understand what it means? If so, you have come to the right place as dream analysis is one of my specialities! I will look carefully at your dream and any symbology it may contain, explain, its meaning, and any psychic and/or spiritual messages it may have for you. Are you aware that we do not merely predict the future but can and do influence it too! Therefore, if you would like to know how to try to "carve your life by design", it would be my pleasure to discuss working with the Law of Attraction with you. While it is indeed true to say that we cannot change or attract everything we want in life, there is a lot, trust me, that we can do to alter our circumstances for the better! Would you like to learn more about how to develop your spiritual side? Need to know how to chill out and tune into your instincts and gain access to the world of spirit whenever you may feel the need for their guidance? If so, please don't hesitate to get in touch, as it would be my absolute pleasure to introduce you more to the fascinating realm of the world of spirit! Do you feel that you are all alone in the world? Or maybe at a complete loss as to how to change your circumstances for the better? I genuinely hope not. However, if you do find yourself in this somewhat challenging position, why not let me help you via spiritual coaching and empathic guidance? It truly does not matter what your problem may be, as if I can help you, then I will certainly do my best to be of service. Perhaps you feel you are sensing spirit around you and wonder if a particular soul may have a message for you? Again, it would be my pleasure to lead you to the truth as to any messages the spirit world may have for you! I look forward to being of service!


Spirit came to me at the tender age of 16 years, back in 1976 - almost, at the time of writing, some 44 years ago. To begin with, I could not really understand why I was receiving the information that I did and initially simply put it down to my imagination! However, as time went by, and the information I received actually started to happen, I came to realise that it was coming from a higher source. Furthermore, this higher source gave me the knowledge that it did, to benefit both myself and my fellow man. Over the last 12 years, I have, with great passion, helped people from all over the globe to enhance their professional lives, improve their relationships, build better businesses, develop their spiritual side, overcome challenges, etc. However, in all earnest, I cannot help anyone unless they are prepared, to a degree, to help themselves. After all, one cannot expect the Universe to send us a new job, out of the blue, without some form of action on our part by applying for a new role. Yes, action = results, teaches spirit, and if you have the will and are prepared to take appropriate steps to improve your life, I will certainly try to help you find the way! It can be said that I have gleaned much knowledge both from spirit and the University of Life itself! At the time of writing, I am almost 60 years of age. I am a working mother and had my son, who is Autistic, at the age of 42 years. I sincerely feel that my own personal struggles in life, including a challenging childhood, losing both my sisters at a relatively young age and dealing with a child who falls into the autistic spectrum, have primarily made me a stronger person. My life experiences, however, have also helped me to develop strong empathic skills. The above all said, as empathic as I can be, it is essential to remember that when I liaise with spirit, on a client's behalf, I always intend to be as solution-seeking as possible. Even so, it has to be said, here and now, that not all problems can easily be solved. Therefore, if I should feel that a client is "barking up the wrong tree" so to speak, about a particular endeavour or desire they may have, I am morally obliged to deliver this to them. This is the way I work and have been doing so for over a decade now. Furthermore, this is the way that I intend to continue to work because like what spirit teach, we can only work with the truth! Nevertheless, this should not be seen as embracing defeatism but merely looking at the reality of a given individual's set of circumstances and pointing them onto another (better) life path for themselves. When I am not working, I love reading (non-fiction), writing on my blog about all things relating to fitness, health and well-being! I'm also passionate about studying personal development and life coaching.

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