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I am a truly genuine and caring psychic card reader, clairvoyant, spiritual advisor, and empath who will help you find solutions to life's greatest challenges. Honest and to the point, yet supportive and solution oriented. I’m here just to listen to you, and to share advice from your guides. I specialize in providing guidance for relationships, career questions, past life influences, and yes/ no/ WHY questions. Don't like what the cards say? I'll show you how to change your fate! NON- JUDGMENTAL, you can ask me anything! LGBTQ friendly. Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Angel Card, Tarot, Sibilla, Lenormand, and Oracle Card Reader. Divination Charm Caster. Want to try something different? Ask me for a past life reading to better understand how your past karma is manifesting in your present relationships and day to day life! I can introduce you to meditation, and help you learn how the right Mantra meditation can change your life and bring you peace, abundance, romance, and family joy!


I've been working professionally with my healing gifts since 1996, after finally processing multiple childhood experiences with interactions with deceased loved ones appearing to offer me support from the afterlife. I began reading tarot and oracles at the age of 18, and have continued to grow my divination skills over the last 20+ years working with clients from all walks of life, supporting them to find their forever partners, plan their families, and excel in their careers. I love what I do and look forward to working with your spirit guides, helping you to peer into your future and make strategic moves to ensure happiness and success. I'm a 3rd generation clairsentient psychic healer who can identify the energy and future of a situation, the influence of past lives on current situations, and use my background in Reiki, crystal healing, sound healing, meditation techniques, and clairsentient abilities to help you to change your fate. I’m here for you. Let’s talk today! Remember- clear and specific questions result in the clearest and specific answers from spirit!

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