Jenn Wells


Over 26 years of experience i am a reader who has been gifted with second sight from early age I tune in to my clients energy after connecting with my client I see a flow of images and am able to give extremely accurate descriptions of people places and time frames, I specialize in love and relationships and share my information with a straightforward style enriched by compassion I seek to erase your confusion fear and doubt restore your confidence and help you return your life to the right path. I believe in establishing a nurturing relationship with my clients and I have a genuine heartfelt interest in helping others. i specialize in the metaphysical world of spirituality.


Since I was young i developed and grew into this ability naturally. I inherited this gift from my great great grandfather who has help people from all over the world and i am on the journey to do the same has my grandfather!

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thank you for the reading! good psychic!
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