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I am a Psychic Medium with over 25 years experience in the spiritual arts. My readings are "heart centered" which helps me to quickly tap into the emotional energies surrounding any situation. It is my sincerest wish that all my clients experience happiness, prosperity, and freedom from unnecessary blockages to personal fulfillment.My areas of expertise span a variety of subjects including love, family, career, business, life direction and spiritual growth. I also enjoy giving pet readings for any animal, living or passed on. In any reading I may pick up messages from spirit guides or loving entities who wish to communicate from the Other Side. There are no guarantees that a requested loved one will come through in a reading because all spirits have free will and their own unique manner of making contact. I work according to the universal laws of mediumship.


I am a Psychic Medium with over 25 years experience in the Spiritual Arts. I am a Certified Intuitive Consultant from the American Board of Holistic Practitioners and a graduate of the Holistic Studies Institute in New York City. I can perform virtually any type of reading possible: phone, email or chat.  I use a variety of divination methods in my readings including the Voyager Tarot, pendulum, and the I Ching. My primary gift is clairvoyance and mediumship, but I will use any method depending on the needs and desires of the client. I will perform readings regarding health or legal issues, however, my guidance does not replace the expertise of professionals who specialize in these fields. I also will not perform spells or any practice that is not based in the purest protection of divine white light.

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