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I am a natural-born psychic new since I was a child that I've had the gift of intuition. I come to find out later in life that I am more gifted than I realized then and have become comfortable with who I am. I have also come to find out that my mediumship skills are extremely strong and were able to embrace them fully when I found out that people were at such peace and found such joy in my readings. Almost anything you can come to me with. General readings, questions, intuitive guidance in all areas of life, I find myself to have a strong specialty with mediumship, and I find my gift to be very strong and awoke. I don't generally use tools although I am an amulet girl. I do hold different healing quick Crystal and amulets as I am a jewelry designer myself and do art, and I also have cards, both tarot and Oracle, as well as a crystal ball to which I am very bonded named storm. My family is from a long line of Romanian gypsy, my parents came over here before I was born. And no unfortunately they didn't teach me the language but my mom did pass down her gifts. So basically I am here to help in almost all areas, I'm a little rusty on numerology, palm reading, and I believe that's it other than that I have helped people in all areas from General to finding objects, to love, so very much so and mediumship and I can't wait to make a connection with you and fill your energy so that I can accurately help you seek out the answers you're looking for.


Spirituality, spiritual art, spiritually Channel jewelry design, and readings have always been in my life since I can remember. When I was younger I grew up working at swap meets with my family and from then I was giving readings with my mother. My mediumship experience has really flourished in the last 15 years and I have come to accept it and really flourish with it. I have done readings privately through text all the way to live forums with multiple people at a time and always Clanton a great review which is really caused me to build my confidence and be able to be very accurate with many many areas and able to pick up on much energy for you. I am here for any question I'm ready to help you. I feel comfortable with my experience at this point where I can Branch out into forums such as zodiac psychics where I am ready and willing to help anyone who comes to me with any subject.

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