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My name is Jedda. I am here to help you with any problem you may have which you would like divine guidance on. I describe my reading style as spiritual life coaching. I am an intuitive clairvoyant and when reading for you, I will tune in to your vibrations and be guided to answer you to be as helpful as possible. I have a set of guidance cards which I have produced myself as well as angel answers cards which are both very accurate. I use my own relationship with my personal guides to access psychic information which can be of use to you. If there are any dangers or issues for you, that I can perceive, then I am obliged to alert you to those. In my readings I will never lie or mislead you since I am honour bound to provide you with precise and useful guidance as best I can.


I have had 'psychic abilities' since I was a child and a well pronounced 6th sense. I have had visionary dreams of the future and experienced precognition and clairaudience. It is difficult to explain but I have also had premonitions and seen accurately into peoples futures just by talking to them. I have a very good knowledge of astrology, numerology and colour, and crystal therapies, alternative medicine and faith healing. I personally have been subject to incredible miracles and been healed by the holy spirit on several occasions. I believe I have a psychic / spiritual connection to animals and may be able to communicate with them telepathically or empathically. I have had communications with ocean spirits and other earth Gods. I am a natural healer and faith healer and it is my pleasure to help other people in any way that I can. I have experienced my own healing abilities through my hands / hands on healing curing myself of severe pain and I have healed others of various physical and mental conditions. I have had communications with other worldly beings and aliens as well as ghosts and spirits. I can 'sense' bad spirits / evil spirits and danger / dangerous situations, up-coming danger etc. I am able to spiritually 'cleanse' an area from negative energy and vibrations and remove bad spirits and bring positive and calming energy to an area as required.

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