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I offer a wide variety of readings to choose from.

Palm: all about you! Upcoming events over the next several months. Sorry. But, this one can not get into another's feelings or intentions toward you.

Psychic: no tools needed. Just your first name and date of birth. This one will get into others intentions, feelings and thought of you. Of course any upcoming events around you.

Tarot: this is an all aspect reading. Upcoming events, others feelings, intentions etc. path options. Let's you know what can be done to alter paths.

Three card tarot: this is a single subject readings. Great for those of you that have just one question. We will get into the current situation and future outcome of your question at hand.



I am a natural born empathic psychic with over 20 years experience reading the tarot. I am also a remote spiritual healer/energy mover. So if at anytime I pick up on an energy issue, I will offer other services. You are free to decline them. We all have a different set of beliefs. Mines are deeply rooted in the belief that energy can be changed.

Please be advised, I am not here to hear what other readers have told you. I am not here to confirm or deny their abilities. I know what I am capable of. I can not speak for others. Sugar coating and fairy tails are not my area of expertise. However, their is no need for me to be brash, insultive or rude. I am not here to judge you.

In in addition to having over 15 years experience with online and phone readings, I do preform them face to face in my shop that I have owned for many years.

I look forward to our encounter.
Blessings, love and light.


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