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Naomi Oracle


Hello! My name is Naomi, I am a Psychic Intuitive and have been exploring this gift for many years. If you are looking for help with soul connections, life partnerships and if he or she could be a match, I am your girl. I am happy to take a look at your compatibility and the way in which your energies work together. As a child, I was always tapped into the spiritual world which could be at times a little scary. I had dreams of what I now understand were past lives and experiences from another time. As I grew I was able to strengthen my understanding of what was happening and lose the fear, embracing my path in the spiritual world. I purchased my first deck of cards when I was a teenager and have been reading for people ever since. I do love this work and love helping people with almost anything they need, be it help along your spiritual path, help with your relationships, friendship and families, or your career and finances. I will be honest and straightforward, no false hopes.


I have been reading cards and helping people spiritually since I was a young teen. Professionally I have been working for about 5 years online. I can work with or without cards and tools, it just really depends on the situation and the day. I am not a Medium so I won't be able to connect directly to your loved ones but I can sometimes connect to the energy that is around you from the other side. I have done past life readings and am happy to assist with these. Relationship readings and assistance with family and friendships as well. Lenormand and Tarot, as well as just intuitive guidance and oracle cards, are all a part of my repertoire. I am looking forward to getting to know and assist you on your path. I am known for being honest even when the answer is no. I believe that sometimes the hardest answers are the ones that will allow us to truly flourish and grow on our paths.

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very fast when typing and honest with any questions and and very kind too easy to talk too . thank you very much
thank you so much for everything. very kind and helpful. God bless you
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