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Lightworker Jasmin
Lightworker Jasmin
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Lightworker Jasmin


As an Empath, Clairvoyant & Lightworker, my mission in life is to heal others. All my life since I can remember, people have always come to me with their struggles, issues, and problems. I learned long ago that I was placed here on earth to assist the human race in overcoming recycled experiences and struggles that they may be going through, whether it be in life or within themselves. As a certified Reiki Healer, I am able to provide distant healing for emotional and physical distress as well. About 10 years ago I learned how to master the skill of reading tarot cards, angel cards and oracle cards which helps to gain perspective and clarity. Spiritual development, healing and mastering how to move forward in life are my specialties and I pride myself in knowing that I take each client’s situations seriously and each is unique. I always work with honesty, love and the greatest good of intentions with each client and situation. I am honored to work with you.


I offer various services that will help you move forward from situations that may be holding you back in life. If you’re looking for clarity and direction, depending on your situation and needs, I can provide either a Tarot card reading, Angel card reading, Fairy card reading, or an Oracle card reading. In some instances, I may use more than one deck along with my clairvoyant abilities and/or my pendulum also. As well as providing readings I also am a Certified Reiki Healer, therefore, I am able to provide you with any emotional, mental, or physical healing needed. My services are all personalized to your needs and will always be unique to your specific situation. My work is always prepared with love, honesty and the greatest of intentions to assist you in every way. I can help you move forward, gain clarity, release what doesn’t serve you any longer and create more direction in your life.

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