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Tarot Therapy is my specialty. As a gifted earth angel, light worker, clairvoyant, and empath, my mission is to spread hope, love, and light through compassionate psychic services for those that seek spiritual guidance all over the world.

I have had my share of loss, heartbreak, and challenges in life so I can relate to almost anyone and everyone's pain and quest for understanding. My psychic tarot readings are intended to be understanding and caring. Sometimes consulting with a psychic can be intimidating for sensitive seekers out there. My delivery is positive, constructive, and gentle because what we say and how we say things as professionals can deeply resonate with and affect those that come to us for advice. I am not a fortune teller and I will never tell you what to do. God has given us FREE WILL to determine the direction of our lives. Ultimately, your life choices are YOURS and I would never take that away. You are the master creator of your own future! My readings can provide some spiritual insight to consider along the way…

Summary of Jas Angel Tarot Therapy Services:
- **Rider Waite Tarot= Past, Present, Future insight (3 card spread with hidden "foundation" card)
- Rider Waite Tarot= Photo Mediumship (deceased loved one)
- Guardian Angel Cards (encouraging and constructive messages)
- Heart Oracle Cards (relationship insight)
- Mirror Cards (self analysis; self reflection; psychological insight)

**my specialty


Less than a year ago my Egoic mind had a near death experience. As a result, I had a profound spiritual awakening and shortly thereafter discovered psychic gifts that were dormant inside of me most of my life. Within weeks I created a buzz and became well respected in the online psychic social media community, quickly becoming an approved reader and even administrator of various online psychic groups. Since then I have done hundreds of readings via chat, email, face to face, phone, and in person… helping many seekers in their journey. Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Metaphysics, specializing in psychic development and mastering the Tarot.

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