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Hello and welcome! 

I am an experienced intuitive reader, healer and meditation teacher

Reading topics include: 

  • love 
  • career
  • pets
  • wellness
  • dreams 
  • angels 
  • guides
  • aura
  • your path 
  • transitions
  • purpose.

Uncertain or confused about a situation? I will describe the energy of you and your situation. 

  • Relationship challenges? 
  • Career change? 
  • Unable to move on? 
  • Curious about your spiritual path? 

There are no limits to what you can ask about. I look directly at your Essence and bring you the healing and insight that you are looking for. There is truly nothing more wonderful than being seen for your true divine Essence!


I have been giving daily intuitive readings and healings and teaching psychic meditation classes for many years. The core of my work is to empower my students and clients to find their own answers and to connect with their own intuition. I also teach workshops and seminars on subjects such as energy, intuition and meditation

During the reading, I will describe to you the images I see. Some of those images may not make sense at first but become clear during the course of the session. 

You will notice that my reading focuses mostly on the visual images, but I also use: 

  • clairaudience, 
  • clairsentience,
  • telepathy, 
  • empathy 
  • knowingness - to receive information for you. 

When you come to a reading with me it's good to leave all expectations aside and be open to the information that truly wants to come through to you from your spirit. Sometimes names and person descriptions come through but bear in mind that that may not necessarily be important to your spirit but to your ego. The reading always caters to the spirit, which is a whole lot more healing and validating than any other kind of reading could be.

You can also try my best service - Intuitive Healing

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Aug 29, 2020
very truthful. please call him.
Aug 26, 2020
Aug 26, 2020
do you think it possible to give out some free mins because at the very beginning when I was asking you questions and you were telling me about my aura etc I actually have some questions to ask you ...
Nov 30, 2019
Very intuitive.
Nov 28, 2019
really detailed, thank you so much
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