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Hi, my name is Janine, and I am a professional psychic. 

I have been reading Tarot and using various forms of divination for over 30 years. I am able to offer high quality and fluff-free readings. So whether you are looking for answers to predict an outcome or just want to get to know yourself and your situation a bit better, a Tarot reading can help.

A Tarot card reading can help you see your way through stressful times, it can help you unravel clouded thoughts, by offering clarity and a chance to reflect. 

Tarot can also help gain a fresh perspective on your life by showing you how past events have had an impact on your present situation, and how this may affect your future.

I also offer angel card readings, psychic photo readings and scrying through my crystal ball. 



I read tarot and angel cards for many of the well-known psychic sites as well as run my own spiritualist website and blog.

I also work locally with a spiritualist group, where we provide readings in halls and people's houses.

I am a member of a healing circle and drumming group and am also active with a local ghost hunting group.

I am also a freelance writer and have written extensively on spiritualism, astrology and numerology. I have also written a tarot course and many useful tarot observations that I use when teaching tarot

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My conscious is clean. I have done or said nothing wrong. I won’t dig further. If he heard something then that’s in him
wow Janine is amazing!! she provided detailed and accurate insights throughout our reading. thanks again :)
super direct and accurate which I most certainly needed!!
thank you so much
you are amazing ...too good...wish i could talk to you more...is it possible for you to send me mins. thanks so much
your so right...spot on you were thank you.....well could you tell me one last thing do you see a future for us?
thanks for you reading...but again what feeling dows he hold for me..thank you
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