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I use a variety of decks, and spreads to ensure your questions are addressed, and I am always willing to pull additional cards when I am led to do so, or when the situation requires a bit more clarity or understanding. In other words, your question/s will be carefully addressed, and because my goal is to serve and bringing clarity, you will be given a thorough reading whether it is with one card or many cards. I call on my guides, angels, and your guides and angels before doing each reading, and I do ask questions and dig deep when I am guided to do, so. I ask that you are open and willing to hear the reading, but I always recommend you listen to your own inner guidance because your reading comes from your energy, and it is for you. I am not a counselor, a medical professional, or a medium, and all of my reading are done for entertainment purposes. You know what is truly best, and right for you.


When I was in high school I began reading decks of playing cards, and I did that on and off throughout college. Once I became a Mom I stopped listening to my intuition, following my angels, and I stopped listening to my spirit guides. Then my son started seeing auras, and I started getting strong senses again. A few times I even received messages from my son speaking to me. Once I realized that things in my life went much more smoothly when I listened to what my "gut" was telling me, my senses heightened once again, and I was drawn to reading cards again. I still use a regular deck of cards when asked, but I have added Tori Hartman's incredibly in-depth Chakra Wisdom Oracle cards, and several of Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine's Tarot and oracle decks. My gift is empathy, and a knowing for what a client really wants to know, and sometimes it is not the question they ask. I love helping others move past their blocks to achieve more, and to gain clarity where they might be too close to get it themselves.

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