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I am an eclectic witch, which means I use various tools, cards, crystals, art, candles, sigels, and some tools I have created over many years of practice. I rely heavily on my intuition, colors, reading energy, and information from my guides. I call on my higher power before doing any reading, and I always ask for what is in the highest good for those involved. I bring love, understanding, and a sense of peace into each reading. I also use breathing work and mindful meditation and may ask you to do some breathing to help move the reading or the desired outcome closer and more in alignment with your energy. I focus on parents and children, love and relationships, family, career, and entrepreneurship. If you have a question that may fall outside those areas, ask it, and I will let you know if it is outside my realm, but usually, most things fall somewhere in these categories. I am happy to answer one question or do a whole reading around a question or area of life that you are looking for clarity. 


I began reading playing cards when I was in middle school, and I did that on and off throughout college. 

Once I became a Mom, I stopped listening to my intuition, following my angels, and listening to my spirit guides. Then my son started seeing auras, and I got strong senses again. I even received messages from my son speaking to me a few times. Once I realized that things in my life went smoothly when I listened to what my "gut" was telling me, my senses heightened once again, and I was drawn to reading cards again. 

I started to lose my eyesight, and through my recovery, I began painting and discovering my strength as a witch. Now I use all of my gifts and tools to help others realize what they couldn't on their own, to see their own gifts and strengths, and to realize their dreams. I am what some might call an eclectic witch because I use various tools when I do a session, and I listen to what I am called to use. It could be art, and it could be cards, it could be crystals, or a variety of tools. 

I still use a regular deck of cards when I am called to. My gift is empathy and knowing what a client really wants to know, and sometimes it is not the question they ask. I love helping others move past their blocks to achieve more and gain clarity where they might be too close to getting it themselves.


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