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The service I provide is to give you a guide. The cards are a great divination tool when it comes to navigating difficult or confusing times within our lives. As a card reader, I want to give you the map to what the universe holds for you, the choices you have, and how to choose what’s best for you. By no means do I mean to make the decisions for you, but come with a question, the curiosity to understand the answer, and I can help you to decide what’s next. In addition to using my Tarot cards, I also utilize my Angel Oracle cards as well. Where my tarot provides the overarching themes to a question or query, my oracle cards provide a subtle context for how the major themes of your life tie together. They’re quite sensitive and provide excellent understandings. I hope to help enlighten you and be your compass going through this lifetime.


My experience with reading cards has spanned over two years in total. In the beginning I was very curious about my life and these feelings that I had about the world around me. I felt I needed some metaphorical light in my life. That’s when I came to tarot cards. At first, I started only reading for myself to understand myself better. But as my knowledge grew, I started reading for others. I even started a blog which I updated with both lunar and calendar month readings for about a year. I’ve done readings both paid and unpaid for quite some time and it’s always great to see how helpful they can be in other people’s lives. People will usually approach me to ask me if I can do a reading for them about their love, work, home and the feedback is very positive. If I’ve ever had a difficult time with a querent, I make it a point to follow up and dive deeper with my oracle cards or to ask simply what it is I might be missing. This way I ensure that any session with me is productive and meaningful.

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