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Jae Merloh
Jae Merloh
Relationship Problems
Jae Merloh


Hello and welcome to my profile. I work within what I call professional soul tending. I specialize in helping people navigate their paths in areas of their lives they feel particularly lost in, whether that be love, family, schooling, careers, or personal and spiritual growth. If you feel drained or uncertain about your life, I can help you regain some direction. The most important part of what I do is to empower you to manifest constructive and positive change in your life. Whatever your need, I am here to help. Take the first steps to regain your personal power and healing, and get back on the right track. Feel free to seek me out whether you have a specific problem you are struggling with, or you have a lingering and hard to describe a feeling of simply being "lost." We will work on your troubles together, and I will be there for as long as you need me. I am always open and honest about what I sense within your life. I provide no fluff, but plenty of compassion. Blessings to you, and may your life take off in the direction you choose.


I have been soul tending since well before I ever knew what it was. Early on, I could sense the intentions that rested within peoples hearts. It was when I was a bit older that I realized I could also sense their paths and potential journeys. I began using this gift through my formal education and University to help others and to further hone my skills. I became known in my area for being a soul healer and a person with insight into the potential paths one could take in life. I answered all sorts of questions ranging from "what is my purpose in life," to "how do I find love?" I have been doing this soul tending practice and providing readings for most of my life, but for about seven years professionally. It is my true calling and passion to help others navigate their lives and heal their hearts and minds in the process.

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May 9, 2019
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