Jade Sommer


I connect with the angelic realm to serve as a conduit of communication to receive messages for your highest and greatest good to assist with all matters. My readings are heart-felt, gentle, playful, fun and insightful. I am a messenger to bring you insights and messages from the angelic realm.


I have been doing readings for a number of years. My intuition and creative side has provided a connection to the angelic realm since I was young. As with many souls who have a strong connection, as a child I did not understand what it was. About 20 years ago a chance meeting with a man who was a gifted psychic from Mexico while I was performing in Tokyo enlightened me what it was. It was then I began to develop my connection and gifts to aid and assist people via card readings and channeled messages. I am a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Vitrtue and Radleigh Valentine at an in-person certification course. 

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