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It all started 2 generations ago. In Greece. With her. My grandmother Fotini, who had been born with a sixth finger on her left hand. For this she was referred to as '''the marked child'', and the ''witch child'' in her home village, which was one of the reasons why she and her family decided to move to the USA. In the New World, Fotini's DNA was passed on to next generations.  My mother Sophia also had a sixth finger on her left hand, and had strange visions her whole life. A modern-thinking skeptic, she chose to ignore and not develop them, and died without ever using them to help others. I, however had little choice. It all started again in Greece, the place where all had originated from. I was on holiday there one summer and was sitting alone on the beach. Suddenly, I saw a strange light moving towards me from the horizon. It was moving closer and closer and at first I though it was some plane or some drone coming my way. But it stopped some 50-100 metres from where I was, looking like a white fluorescent lightbulb. I was bewildered, for a moment I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. Then, it disappeared. As I was staying there frozen, I felt a piercing sensation on my ''third eye'' chakra (later I found), I felt like the area on my forehead between my eyes was buring. Then, the ball glanced for 1 final time, before it disappeared ...


My psychic abilities did not manifest until 1 month after this bizzare event. I had a dream later in the year, in which a woman with a veil over her face, introducing herself as ''Lilith, the first rebel wife if Adam'' told me that I was ''one of them'', and I was going to be a psychic adviser, who will have the ability to chanel the messages of the Great Mother Universe to people.  From then on, a few weeks after this dream, I started telling a lot of predictions to friends, neighbours, family, which came true. I don''t know who I am,or who I had become on that day on the beach, but word spread of my abilities to read the future, and people started coming to me with questions. So, I decided to do something about it, did some research and found a spiritual teacher who helped me channel my abilities through cards, through a crystal ball, and also I discovered automatic writing on my own. This was 13 years ago. Since then, I have helped a lot of people, and predicted college acceptances, marriages, life events of every sort. I only abstain from making predictions on health related issues. 

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i was hoping she could pick up my situation without me giving so much detail.
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great reading
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Nice lady will be coming back for more!
excellent very happy was accurate with a couple of things so far ..so feeling confident for the rest to come to pass and she helped calm me a bit ..lovely lady thank you
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