Jacquelyn Archer


I am a choice soul centered western astrologer. My focus in counseling is through the lens of this spiritual tool ; the choices appear on your unique map of life. As a relationship counselor I uphold the code of ethics of the many professional astrology organizations. If you have only had a sun sign reading, you will learn much more through my reading of your unique Universe when you were born.


40+ years of sole practitioner and business owner~Member of many professional and international astrological organizations~Interviewed by the media for consultation:Local and National press ~Expert in:  Horary, Electional Astrology, (Divination and Timing)  Progressions and Transits (whats going on in the present) and Relationship Counseling (How you are in relationships, Love and/or Business!)*Although I've read the tarot for 40+ years, I do not incorporate it in my astrological readings unless asked. Mentored and coached many learning astrologers through my school.

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