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Hello, my name is Alleryn.  I am a naturally born clairvoyant, clairaudient, Clair sentient psychic and have had abilities since I was a child.  Due to my gift, I suffered a lot from not having known what the cause was.  I have always been very intuitive and have a lot of training in areas of life with regard to finding peace and contentment.  I am good with numbers as well and can hone in and get messages about career.  I am very delighted to read for others with an open mind and loving heart.


 I've always been gifted but have just recently started reading for others as I was not fully aware of my abilities and what the cause was of my gift. I have had a vast experience in the self help area as well as the self improvement area for the past 20 years that has really helped me improve my life and outlook. I have an experience giving others clarity and really enjoy helping others gain insight into their situation. I can also tell the future and outcomes with insight. I like to really focus on the present and ways to gain fulfillment in the present time. I would like to help others in the same ways that I have been helped. I can also speak to the dead. The knowledge I've gained over the years has been extremely helpful. Also, having strong insight skills has also been of benefit. I would like to share these benefits with as many as possible. Spreading hope, light, and clarity. Thank you.


Shanikque King
Shanikque King
thank u i ran out of funds
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