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Kitty Binx


Honest and Accurate love and relationship specialist. I am a natural-born psychic medium and tarot card reader. I have read cards for the past 9 years. I use my cards to connect and channel information directly from spirit and I can give deep insight into your life with accuracy. My reading style is honest, straightforward and without judgment. I am going to tell you what I see on the cards. 
­čŬlove and family relationships, 
ÔÜáimportant life decisions, 
­čĺ¬energy healing, 
­čö«crystal healing, 
­čâĆoracle cards 

Contact me today and we can get you on a path to happiness! I genuinely want to help, I am open-minded and very easy to chat with like an old friend. Does he/she love me? Is he/she cheating on me? Will my ex and I get back together? Will I find a job? Will I advance in my career? Am I making the right decisions? Should I move on from my relationship? Should I consider moving? Allow me to help and guide you in your important decisions.


I have been doing psychic and card readings professionally for over 9 years but I have helped people with my gifts ever since I can remember. I am constantly taking courses to level up my psychic abilities and learn new techniques to help my clients. Some of the courses include psychic tarot coaching, reiki, and shamanic healing. I love to learn and incorporate my training into my reading style and am consistently growing as a healer and reader. My biggest gift is my intuitive psychic and empathic ability to sympathize and tune in to your issues.  After a life-changing traumatic car accident, I received divine guidance and my true calling to help others. I was protected by an angelic presence that kept me from peril during my car accident. This life-changing event opened profound pathways of divine knowledge for me which I use to give my clients the best psychic readings possible. Since my car accident, I have learned to actively communicate with my guides and angels and have a deep, loving relationship with them. I am able to get the guidance needed from my Source and my angels no matter what the circumstances may be. No problem is too big for the Universe to solve. I will lovingly give you the information you need in order to move forward on your life path.

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