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Isabelle Augury


Accurate intuitive empath &Non Judgemental. I am direct, honest, my readings are straight forward, I deliver nothing but the truth. I deliver my messages with care and compassion in order for you to receive the best experience being here. I am specialized in complicated situations,relationships/ break ups/divorce/life problems/self-development/spiritual guidance/law of attraction/dream interpretation I am also able to read your energy and your loved ones I can help you overcome obstacles in your life. I am more than your usual type of psychic, I am here to give genuine help and support. Working with Tarot I have learned that destiny shows a bit from the future to everyone, you just have to pay attention to the signs, and the fact that you are reading this now and you came here it is a sign that this is where you have to be for the next step in your journey. I can unfold important messages for you, steps and obstacles, contact me anytime, I will give you clarity.


First of all, thank you for being on my page, I am Isabelle, a born gifted psychic 4th generation. I am here to help you in Love and Relationship issues. I read Tarot Cards and use my clairvoyant gift, I am intuitive. I am here to give you answers with 100% accuracy. I am able to read your energy and your loved ones. I give spiritual advice, clarity in thoughts. I will help you bring the peace into your soul by guiding you step by step. I am part of spiritual field since little child and help people for 12 years. I am spiritual counsellor guided by my Spirit Guide. I am open to help people anytime without judging so please be open to finding the answers to the deepest question of your soul. Blessings!

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i appreciate the honesty, just wish you could have explained the cards better
i love her she’s straight to the point. I will be back
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