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Isabelle Augury


⌛Time is ticking and you don't know what your next decision in love should be? You met someone and you don't know if it's trustworthy or if there is potential for the future? Are you still thinking about your ex and don't know how to let it go? You want to know why you broke up? 

❓You're curious about people around you?

💑Friends,  family,  co-workers, persons  of  interest, with your name and the name of the person you're enquiring about we can find answers and guidance with the help of Tarot and my natural-born gifts

Are you struggling with decisions or you're feeling blocked in your path, facing harsh times? I am a lightworker and I provide clarity and guidance 🙏

So many questions about your love/ life/ career/ family/ friends/ dreams/ paranormal/ spiritual matters and I do my best to provide answers for each and every question.

🙈🙊🙉Non-judgemental, confidential, here you find the space you need to reveal your most inner thoughts and questions.


. I am an old soul in a young body. I've always had the ability to help others since a young age. Since I was a little child I had big questions like why we are all here on earth? what is our purpose here? what we should be doing here? My spiritual path began since I've noticed I was able to feel spirits in the houses because I was moving a lot with my family and I was always dealing with different types of energies. I've learned how to deal with bad energies and how to embrace the positive ones. I got drawn to the Tarot in very difficult times when I was desperate to find answers. It helped me to find mines and heal myself in times of need so now I am grateful I can do this widely through the help of Zodiac and help as many people as I can. 

I use natural born gifts clairsentience and claircognizant combined with Tarot in order to provide the best quality of service.

My approach is simple and concise, hope you enjoy your time being here🙏

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i really love this man. He was first my best friend then i fell in love with him. He was always in love with me from day 1, while i had to take my time. I just want to know…what will he feel when he sees me? Thank you Isabelle for your time. You are always on point! ❤️ Bless you
hope you Can send me a message Isabelle 🙏🏼❤️Would appreciate it
Thanks so much for your time and energy you were so right about him not expressing his self. He doesn't
thank you for you input much appreciated
ran out of credit. but if you have anything quickly to share, please do. thank you so much
ran out of funds. will be back with an update, thank you.
hope you Can send me a message and tell me if its gonna last between them and if he has feelings for me?
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