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Irish Rose
Irish Rose
Irish Rose


Greetings, I am a Psychic Clairvoyant, I give advice and predictions on Love, Marriage, Career and any general areas that concern you. My strongest abilities are in Clairvoyant Readings, where I can see, hear and feel the spirit. I am also skilled in Intuitive Tarot, Remote Viewing, and energy healing. I do specialize in Love Readings as I can tune into you and the thoughts and intentions of your loved ones. I really care and love helping with any love situation and can give you clarity on the direction your love life is going. I have developed my gift and connection to spirit and my guides and can give you clear guidance on any questions you may have. I use Tarot as my main tool, I also use a pendulum to give yes and no answers. I can also use no tools and can channel information directly from spirit. I am a certified energy healer and chakra healer and I am certified in Law of Attraction coaching and can give you advice on how to manifest and change your life for the better. To do my readings I just need first names and dob or star signs from you and the person you would like me to tune into, so I can connect with their energy. I work well with questions and give clear answers to any questions you may have but I can also give a general reading as well, I just need the area of life that you have concerns about.


I have been interested in mediumship and the psychic world all my life and was in contact with my guides and the spirit world from a very young age. I started my journey reading cards and completed a certified tarot course in 2001 and started reading professionally shortly after that and have been working as a reader for over 15 years now. I have completed many courses some include Reiki, theta healing, Integrated Energy Therapy, Angel healing, and Mediumship, in which I attended the Arthur Findlay College for Mediumship in the UK. I also have an interest in and have been practicing magick and hoodoo for many years. My main focus has been on learning tarot and developing my natural psychic abilities which I have used in my readings and have had many hours of experience in. I recently completed a Law of Attraction Coach Certification which helps me work with clients to manifest what they desire in their lives, as I believe a reader can not only read and see for a client but can work with you to help change what is predicted to manifest something better in their lives. Another tool I have been working with for years is the pendulum which can be used for prediction but also for healing, shifting and changing energy.

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