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Iris Sea Witch


My name is Iris and I am an experienced, professional practitioner of divination. For my readings, I will not need your birth date! But I will need you to let me know what it is you're struggling with, be it relationship problems, financial stressors or even if it is just a dream that will not let up. My talents include tarot, oracle readings, cartomancy, water scrying, dream analysis, astrology, and spells. Please let me know which of these methods you would like me to use to help guide you on your path, send me a message or give me a call today


Honestly, this path found me, I did not find it. I am of the First Nation (Native American) and African American and I always encouraged to be conscious of the spirits around us and that awareness brought me to divination. Once I understood it, it came naturally to me and at the age of 12, I purchased my first Oracle deck (which I still use to this day). From there I have learned to fine tune my craft to get the answers, not that you may want to hear but that you need to hear.  Outside of this website, I run a very successful blog on magic, divination, and spirit work. I've taught many students on every kind subject: divination, spirit work, deity work, etc and have been fortunate enough to help these lovely human beings find their path and strength their craft.  I have also been fortunate enough to work with some of the brightest, most talented minds in this field and am currently in the midst of publishing a book on my unique form of magic and divination. 

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thank you very much hun. I don’t have funds on me but I’ll try and tune in to my intuition
thanks sorry I ran out time but love to hear from you.
GREAT! very clear answers!!! filled with compassion ?✨
Iris is great. Quickly connected. Fast typist and spot on with her reading. Recommend. Thank you!
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