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Hello, I am a psychic reader, and intuitive spirit. I have the gift to tell you dead on relationship problems, and issues and give you straight forward advice. Some things I tell you may not want to hear but I have to be truthful and honest with my readings. I offer clairvoyant and intuitive readings. I'm a Cancer! And I will give you a very open and honest reading. Sometimes I can be a little more open and honest about the truth in things but if I see something in your future or past I will tell you without warning. So please feel free to contact me when I'm available.


I have had this gift since I was two years old. As a child I could see and feel spirits. When I got older I could then hear from the other side. I work in the medical field so I'm always in contact and around different energise. I have been using this gift for the last past ten years to help others and also save lives.

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Thank you... very intuitive and accurate on my situation!! Shes fun and highly recommend her!!
completely wrong
Gave me direct answers and really helped me put things into perspective! thanks so much dear!
very intuitive. and accurate. answers everything in detail and understanding.
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