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Intuitive tina
Intuitive tina
Love & Relationships
Intuitive tina


Love, and relationships are what I specialize in. 

Guiding my clients in their love life, giving them answers about their loved ones, and helping them to be in a happy, healthy relationship, brings me so much joy and truly is my passion. 

With my services, you can expect me to immediately pick up on your energy, personality, emotions, thoughts, past, and future

You’ll be given specific details without you having to say much, at the end of the session you will have a clear plan for your future with my spiritual advice to guide you to the best circumstance! 


I am a 3rd generation psychic with God given abilities, I’ve been aware of my gift since the young age of 7 years old. 

My grandmother and mom, who also have this gift, were the ones who guided me to perfecting it and using it for the good of the world. It is my pleasure to always lead my clients to their full potential and give them answers about their loved ones, career, family, friends, finances, past, present, and future. I am a love and relationship expert, I will tell you how your partner feels, how to repair a relationship and more importantly guide you to a healthy relationship! 

With over 20 years of experience picking up on my clients energy, thoughts, feelings, and what they’re currently going through comes so naturally to me, I am able to immediately pick up on your situation and give you the guidance to the best outcome for you! 

When you hang up from a session with me, you can expect to have a weight lifted from your shoulders and have a clear plan for your future. 🌟

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