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Intuitive Tarot


In some situations, listening to your heart may be clouded with emotions. You want to trust this person, but your gut feeling is telling you something is not right. The cards do not lie. Let me help you tune into your gut feelings so you can decide which path is best for you. I am a natural spiritual/energy reader since birth. Ever since I was young, I could pick up on the energies of people around me. I remember there were times my parents did not want to tell me something was very wrong, but I always knew. There were times I would feel frustrated, sad, upset for no reason, until I realized these were not my emotions, I was channeling the emotions of the people around me. I had to learn how to focus and control these abilities in order to help others. This ability allows me to read people around you in order to give you a better understanding of how they feel, what they are thinking and the actions they will take without intervention. I will share with you what I see at the time you speak with me, both positive and negative. I will help you view the outcomes of each situation depending on your choices or the different paths that you have available. I am NOT a fortune teller, I hate this word because your destiny is not set in stone. We all have free will and our future is determined by the choices you make. This is only advice but hopefully gives you a better understanding of which direction to take. I have been doing tarot for over 10 years. Just to be clear, I can read energies without any tools, but tarot allows me to communicate with spirit guides in order to give you the most accurate answers about your situation. I know how to properly interpret tarot and ask the spirit guides questions to give you accurate answers and direction. I can advise you on which career path to take, whether a romantic partner is your soulmate, how to improve a current relationship, and opportunities coming in your future.


I am a spiritual/energy reader with experience in tarot reading. I have helped so many people and I already have a client base in the city I live. I have the gift of reading energies and with the help of my spirit guides, I can tell you for certain whether its yes or no. Let me look into your situation and find the cause and also the solution. If you need straight to the point honest answers, call me! I will not waste your time or talk in circles. I just want to say, timing is not my specialty, but I can give the best estimate possible. I prefer to give insight into the bigger picture. I believe that time/dates are not set in stone, the timing can change based on the choices we make. Your choice can mean a particular outcome is either delayed or not manifested at all. Remember, there's nothing preventing you from altering the outcome. I can read energies without any tools, but if I feel the need to use tools to better answer your question, I tune into to my spirit guides by using rider waite, angel or romance oracle cards. If I do use cards, I will pull 3 to 6, there will be no endless shuffling. I will always answer your questions with 100 % honesty, love and integrity. I know it's hard to hear no or to get an answer you were not expecting, but I treat all clients with kindness and love. I do practice astrology, and sometimes, I may ask for your birthday to make a clearer energetic connection. This saves you time and money. Birthdates are not necessary, just helpful. I am happy to chat upon request! I understand phone conversations can be overheard, I'm available for chat especially when it’s about sensitive subjects. Please do not shoot the messenger! I may not give you the answer you were looking for, but I cannot sugar coat, I’m sorry. I’m here to help not harm so please show the same courtesy. This advisor is human just like you. Give me a call, I hope to hear from you soon. Peace, blessings and love!

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