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Intuitive Selene


Hello, my name is Selene and I specialize in relationships and spiritual readings. Need to find out why your spiritual life seems in a rut? Want to know how to unblock your personal "headphone" to the Divine? Relationship questions such as Will I find my soulmate? Is so and so the one for me? are some of the most common. If you are single, I can also help you find out the character of a potential partner, predict the outcome of a relationship, and dtetermine what went wrong in previous relationships. If you are in an established relationship, I can help you find answers about the trajectory of your union, better understand your partner, and what could be done to deepen the connection to your partner.


I have 5 years of experierence doing intuitive readings in psychic circles and parties. I use playing cards and oracle cards to answer your questions on your spiritual life and relationships. Occasionally, I do not use tools but instead tune into your energy (clairsentience) and receive audible messages from the Divine (clairaudience). I am not going to tell you want to hear, instead I'm going to give information passed on from the Divine and advice needed to help move into life you desire and manifest your dreams. As such, it will be more than just a quick yes or no to questions like "Is X right for me?" or "Am I on the right spiritual path?" We'll delve into what went wrong and how you can fix those mistakes and move forward positively.

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