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Intuitive Moon
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Intuitive Moon


I have a variety of tarot and oracle decks but my go-to system is the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot or decks based strongly on it. Since I am single and looking, I have a natural sympathy with people needing love readings. However, I also love career and life path readings. If you have discovered some negative or detrimental pattern in your life, I am happy to use the cards to better understand how to escape these patterns. I also enjoy doing chakra readings using tarot cards. If you feel that your life is somehow out of balance but you can’t pinpoint why or how, a chakra reading can be very insightful. In general, my style is practical and direct. My approach is more psychological than predictive. I have found that I am good at general predictions for up to 6 months. I consider myself a messenger of information provided by the cards. Though I will provide my initial interpretation, gleaning the full meaning of the cards is best done through interaction between myself and the client. We reflect on their significance together. It’s important to me that my client feel that they have been completely heard during our interaction and that they feel they can see alternatives and a positive way forward by the end of the consultation. I want to empower you to act in your own best interest. Sometimes we do need to wait for circumstances to turn in our favor, but never forget that we have free will. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s hard to understand the import of a message until a few days to a month after the reading. Use the reading as a lens for sifting through your experiences directly after it. I also do spirit animal awareness. This involves calling in a spirit animal that comes forward to offer its assistance in some problem in your life. When a spirit animal comes forward, it's important for you to welcome it and form your own special bond with it. It may feel distant at first but the more you say hello or ask it's advice, the more defined its personality and messages will become. I am happy to provide ongoing support to anyone who is working with a spirit animal.


I've read cards for myself, my family and friends for over 25 years. I first started reading more intensively for others two years ago out of a desire to use my intuitive faculties more often and a desire to help people benefit from the cards’ messages just as I had over the years. My own life is peaceful and uncomplicated so the only way to use the cards more was to actively seek clients. I currently live in an area where people are very unfamiliar with tarot and oracle cards and so I sought opportunities to read online. When I tried distance readings, I was as surprised as anyone about the accuracy of the readings. It certainly opened up a lot of questions about how we were connecting across oceans. It’s a fascinating mystery! The positive feedback and referrals that occurred during my first 100 online readings that moved me to dive more deeply into card reading and I've had a wonderful time and helped many people ever since. The questions most often asked have to do with love, especially how another person is feeling, so I have had a lot of experience with this sort of divination. My experience with sensing willing spirit animals is much more recent and the result of exploring shamanic practices to resolve my own health challenges. I discovered that animal spirits are very versatile in the ways they are able to help us and it opened another world of mysteries to me. I do not claim to be a shaman because I have not had formal training, but I have found that spirit animals arise for me fairly quickly. I seem to be something of a channel for them. One of the things I love about cartomancy and shamanic practices is that there is always more to learn, always more to explore. I have experimented with crystal healing am not at a stage where I feel comfortable using it on others. My non-psychic professional life has included being an editorial assistant and a teacher of English as a Second Language to adult immigrants in the US. I have a BS degree in English.

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