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Kate Greenwood


Breaking up? Need help? Need to make a decision? I can guide you! Get fast, honest, clear crystal guidance on the next right step in your life. Let's check the Tarot and see what's happening! The Tarot cards never tell you what to do or predict the future. They give you a picture of the energy surrounding your situation at the moment. Usually, this is all you need to hear to start taking inspired action in your life! No lotto numbers, health readings, or financial advice. Please do seek professional support for these issues.


I've been reading Tarot for 19 years! I don't use all those crazy spreads because I don't need them! I describe myself as a "word psychic". When I read the words you write in your questions, I get information, pictures, and feelings about your situation almost immediately. I use the Tarot cards to help me clarify the information. As I write your reading, the information flows. I'd love to help you get some clarity and confidence in your life. Let Tarot help you! My intuitive life began when I was four years old and I saw a "ghost man" peeking out of our kitchen on Christmas Eve. When I was 13, I taught myself to read Tarot using a deck of regular playing cards and a book I checked out of the library and kept hidden under my bed. I've had prophetic dreams since I was small and I didn't know until I was in college that not everyone "knew things" by looking at pictures. I love using my intuitive skills to help you feel empowered in your life. Let's do this!


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