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Intuitive Bria
Intuitive Bria
Life Coaching
Intuitive Bria


I can't fly, I don't have super strength and are not able to see through walls. I am just your average person with not what I like to call powers, but special abilities.  I have a strong sense about people, objects, and places. I can control and direct energy, both in my body and in the bodies of others. I have always used my abilities in a positive way.  I do not sugarcoat. I do not believe in telling you something that you want to hear. I feel connected to almost everyone, and I have very high accuracy rates. To be straight forward, I , unfortunately, do not use any special tools like tarrot cards,etc.  It comes naturally. You can ask me about the past, present, or future. My abilities are like a sixth sense to me. However, I do like helping people. I  smile at helping people figure out things and then when I get the calls saying that I was right is always good. I’ve had people hang up on me because I told them what they didn't want to hear, just to call back later and confirm that I was right. You are here because of a persistent thought or topic. Let me help you. We are both in this together.   


I am always asked the question ‘Were you always psychic?’ It begins at age six really, because I cannot remember any specific psychic experiences before the age of six. My parents were always surprised at my ability to make current and future predictions, and stating things of the past that I was never told and may have never known if I did not have this abilty. I am 25 now. My gift remains the same.  With the people that I  have come in contact with that needed a reading, I was able to instantly connect to, and my predictions for that person has been super high, No matter the category or the time frame pertaining to the question, I have always been accurate.  Allow me to help you with anything that your mind has been pondering.  :)




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