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Hi, I’m Dee! I'm a clairsentient, intuitive, empathetic & psychic. Since childhood, these gifts allow readings, Reiki healing, and advice specific and relevant to questions you ask. As a certified coach with decades of experience, we can work on your pain and challenges and do Angel/Tarot readings specifically for you. Let’s see how together we might shift your path toward joy & purpose! I love astrology, numerology, psychology, brain science, quantum mechanics and more. As a mix of tools, bringing insight and relief to your pressing questions and problems!


I’m a certified life coach with three decades of experience providing positive, paradigm shifting advice. At the age of 9, I had an experience that I describe as God speaking about the connected, expanded nature of all that is an attunement with the field of pure potentiality. As a clairsentient, intuitive empath, I am connected to the flow of energy and the choices available of joy/happiness over fear/despair. In 2012, using my psychic connection, my life was saved by the literal hands of a non-physical entity during a car accident. Truly, my belief in angels/guides became unfaltering. In 2014, I realized I shared a home with a very busy spirit, apparently moving in a vibration between dimensions.

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