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HI, I am the world's foremost numerology expert and the author of the book "Numerology: the practical science." If I could wave a magic wand and have the luxury of being able to do everyone's numerology of the course of this lifetime, I would. However the math suggests there is not enough time in one lifetime to be able to do so. So for now, I'll be content to take the time to do your numerology and share with you what life potentially has in store for you. I am here to answer your questions. Typically people are asking about love or work. Sometimes life purpose. Especially when something is likely to happen - and that is my sweet spot: I can give you exact dates and/or ranges of dates when something is likely to occur. So please type your date of birth (first name and questions), please. Thank you very much!


World's foremost numerology expert and author of the book "Numerology: the practical science." In 1995 I fasted (no food, only water) twice for 20 days and that's when I was first introduced to the subject of numerology. I was instantly hooked and have been doing numerology daily since then. In 2009 I went public by writing my book "Numerology: the practical science." From there I had various websites, hosted internet radio broadcasts, and just started to unfold as an international numerology phenomenon I started doing live online readings some years ago, and have found them to be an enjoyable way to connect with people and answer their life questions. Nothing is off limits, so anything you are curious to know, please ask, and I will take the time to do the math and give you the best answers I can to your questions. Your date of birth (first name and any questions you would like me to answer) please. Thank you!

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I have always liked him. stays true.
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