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Life Coaching


Hello, I am Giovanni. 

I am a natural-born god gift a clairvoyant. I've been helping and guiding others through all of life's obstacles for 10 years and going out. I help and give a solution to any and all matters of life.

 For example love, relationship, marriage, divorce, reconciliation, job, career, finances, family, friends, children, lost objects, pets, opportunities, these are just examples! 

My main goal in a reading with you is to bring clarification to you for your peace of mind, and to not only reveal your future to you, but to also help you get to where you want and need to be at in life. Sometimes we get lost along the road to our success and need to get picked up or need someone to pick us up. 

Well I'm the guy to pick you up! I don't want to just tell you of your past, present, and future, I honestly and truly want to help you and guide you for your peace of mind and happiness. In a reading with me or you can expect all of these things to prosper for you. I'm also a natural born healer and chakra balancer. 

I know deep down I was truly meant to be on this Earth to guide and lead and help everyone with any and all matters or problems. I am very straightforward yet compassionate to any and all matters or situations. I do not judge whatsoever. 

I'm here to help you not judge you. I'm here too unveil your future outcomes and advise you on to how to get to that part in life that you want to be at. 

Give all of it your problems to me to relieve and get off of your shoulder and I promise you guaranteed you will have that weight lifted from you. No matter what the situation I will give you guidance I will give you clarity. I'm not only a life coach, psychic, intuitive, or clairvoyant. I am a friend helping you in your need of time


I started to develop and get a sense of my clairvoyant ability from a very young age, as long as I can remember! 

I am the only one in my family with this clairvoyant gift of mine and had always felt like a outcast since I was small. 

My mother had supported me in the long run though. Helping me share my gift by investing into a shop where I now currently give readings to all of my clients at! I had first realized I was clairvoyant at the age of 5-6 when I started to realize that everything that I said or thought of had always came into reality. Soon after, my family had started to realize that as well. 

I had predicted a car accident my father had when I was 11 leaving him a scar on his left arm which has come to pass unfortunately. My family was always stuggling financially while I was growing up, but I had also predicted my mother's new job offer she had been made when I was 13 which was also a result of us moving from my home town. 

After all of those predictions came to pass, I realized, "why shouldnt I share my ability with those who are curious on what's going to happen to them in their future." That was when I started to be more open and proud of my ability, and started publicly giving readings, and had taken clairvoyant meditation classes on how to better control my ability for more focus into my readings. I love helping so many people find their path that they're meant to lead. 

I love bringing peace of mind and clairity to everyone of my clients. I truly believe that I was meant to lead this life and guide others and help them with any and all situation(s) they're going through.




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