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Hi,I am  a professional Astrologer and have studied for 20 through the NCGR education program. It is a great passion for me!! I am here to help on all matters of concern: Love, money, work, etc. Astrology is a phenomenal tool for knowing when you have lucky trends in your chart and making the most of them!  You can target exact dates and time frames to take action to get the most success in romance, career, and finance. Astrology doesn't dictate your life. However, it is based on planetary cycles, which can provide very powerful insight into issues you may have to confront and give you peace of mind knowing when the more difficult cycles are ending.  I am also an intuitive  Tarot reader and get great insight from the cards.   The tarot is a useful tool for quick answers on topics from romance to vocation. I find very valuable answers and messages through using Angel Tarot Cards, and I practice the Church of Light method. I have had steady clients as both an Astrologer and Tarot card reader for the past 15 years. I am here to help you with any concerns you may have, and I am here to listen.


Since the year 2000, I have done thousands of readings for various websites, personal clients, parties, psychic fairs, and at book stores. I use both Astrology and Tarot as tools to guide and advise my clients. I am a Level III Astrologer in the NCGR program for Astrologers, and I have studied with some of the best Astrology and Tarot teachers in the country.

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