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Indrias Insight
Indrias Insight
Indrias Insight


Hi and welcome to my profile. I am Indria and I believe we all have a divine purpose. My divine purpose is helping assist others to find their true happiness when it comes to love. 

My passions and specialties are love and relationships. Have you just met someone new in your life and are you wondering what his or her intentions are? Are you two destined to be together or is it time to let go of the past and open your heart to a new love? 

I am here for you to answer all your questions and give you the insight you need to help you get closer to experiencing everlasting love.


I have years of experience regarding spiritual readings and in particular love readings. 

During my readings I use my tarot cards and my own empathic awareness. I am a natural healer and it is my absolute passion to help others with their troubles. 

I have had my own difficult journey with self-healing. I have struggled with depression for many years, however, I was able to recover. 

Knowing how the darkness can feel I can empathize a lot with other people that may be struggling. If you are facing a difficult situation, then know you are not alone. 

There is always light at the end of the tunnel and I am here to show you that light. 

I can pick up energies from people and situations. I can also help you with other questions regarding family, academics, career, dream analysis and more. 

If you feel lost then no worries as this is your sign. I would love to give you more insight and help you with your troubles. See you soon.

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