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In2itive Coach


❣️What I can do for you❣️ If you are here, there is a gap between where you are now & where you want to be! You are ready to explore the possibilities of a life re-imagined!⁣ Have you started pondering any of these thoughts, or anything similar:⁣ ✨I am successful, but am feeling a bit stuck lately⁣. ✨I am ready to blast through blocks and fears⁣. ✨I am ready to live an authentic life⁣. ✨I am ready to clear clutter...whether it is physical, thoughts, or relationships.⁣ ✨I am realizing limiting beliefs are holding me back⁣, ✨I am starting to ask myself, "What do I REALLY want?"⁣ ❣️I can help you move forward with expertise, compassion, insight, & intuition!❣️ ✨Jumping hurdles you thought you could not previously jump⁣ through. ✨Breaking old habits⁣. ✨Realizing your full potential.⁣ ✨Moving you forward when fears hold you back. ✨Changing your life direction.⁣ ❣️If any of this resonates with you then you are ready to make that change! Together we will clarify, create, & conquer!❣️


✨With over 30 years of experience in psychic readings, I offer straight forward, compassionate, and non-judgmental advice to move you forward on your path...for your highest good! ✨Please remember that while messages from Spirit are sometimes difficult to hear, I would be disrespectful to all involved (myself, you, and Spirit) if I did not provide the message that is being delivered. ✨I can offer clarity in any situation (career, love, relationships, life, etc.) and together we can create a new path for you! In addition to psychic readings, I have experience with hands on healing, hearing and seeing ghosts, hearing thoughts of others, and divine intuition. ✨I will clarify for you, assist you in creating, and you will conquer!!

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could not feel that I had a boyfriend at all, bunch of random guessing horrible
truly excellent. quick, accurate, tells facts abt the past without you explaining and gives you projections of the future. you wont regret at all ... five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️?
please finish?
I’m confused. I didn’t feel a connected here. I also don’t feel like my question was answered.
nope once again you've been great! :) thank you for your help. hope to hear from you again soon.
AMAZING!! I never would have guessed if it weren't for your help, thanks for everything!!
oh my goodness wow like I'm so shocked by this reading it's insane like you have open so many doors and I really want to continue maybe you can send me free minutes if not I'll try to reach out to you when I can again thank you so much for the clarity but you have given me I have so much more questions you were so fast to keeping up and I was probably like a total mess I could tell that you speak from your heart and you definitely our sincere thank you so much for relieving some of my pain I hope you have a wonderful night and just know that the gift that you have is a sincere and positive gift that you can spread happiness and honesty around the world many blessings to you and your family and God bless
busy explaining the conditions when a go ahead on taking the time to give the reading was already agreed ! very disappointed!
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