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I could provide you with clarity and accuracy. I am fast typer and direct. No time waste. The only thing I need is your gender, age, location. No need of date of birth or names. I directly translate what I hear from my source. For my readings I use my sodalite stone. Love, Soul mate Connection, Divorce, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Relocation, Lost and found. My intent is to hear your Guides and pass on their messages to you.


I was born intuitive. Since childhood I am able to feel the truth. Over 17 years experience in intuitive translation readings. I am clairvoyant, medium, and visionary. My mind is my feelings. Could provide you assistance and guidance in all areas and topics.


Losing your time
He was just so friendly. Thank you for giving me that advice
This man is the most friendly and confident person i have ever met. I am shocked
Very friendly psychic. He gave me a very complete answer and good advice
Very friendly person. He gave me the solution for my problem, and i am sure that it will work
This is an amazing person. He is so positive and motivating!
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